Kontakt Master

... for Android and iPhone

Queastions about our Kontakt Master App:

Import of my list of contacts (iPhone):

The import process all contacts from your contacts scale can be read and imported. You can narrow down whether you want to import all contacts or just the business. In these the WORK field must be filled address. If you (Excel file, etc.) want to read contacts with another list, so you need this by matching options or software looking at this list first to import the contact list.

Please note: When you import will be instantly at hand road, postcode or town trying to find the matching Geocoordinaten (Latitude, Longitude). This requires a certain amount of time. Convert per contact with about 1 second. That for 500 contacts you will need about 5-10 minutes.

It may also happen that due to wrong information (address, postal code, city) geocoding has NO success. Then try AFTER the import process, this contact call individually EDIT and SAVE again in a toast to geocode.

Event. You can also test as the field empty street and then save the contact. Then, the marker should be displayed in the center with the right zip code and place. Event. there then these street names not.


Data exchange via our FTP server:

To this end, our fee-based Desktop Software "Lager Master" is required (for more info -> here). Then the data between smartphone and office PC can be shared and synchronized via our FTP server. You need the FTP login information, which you will receive from us. In this case, costs are incurred for the use of the FTP server and the desktop Software  "Lager Master".

PRO Version (only for iPhone):

The Pro version is much more than the FREE version. These include the import of external data, storing of messages in the field of history and notes. The PRO version is available here on the iTunes Store.



My location is not shown in the map (iPhone):

Please make sure to use your location information is also enabled in the settings. In the Preferences Privacy Policy - location services enable the Kontakt Master app.