Kontakt Master

... for Android and iPhone

Description Kontakt Master app

"Kontakt Master" manages customer contacts with all relevant customer-related data such as:

  • Detail Address
  • Phone and Wireless
  • E-Mail
  • Sales
  • History
  • Notes
  • Travel Reports
  • Geo-Coordinates

The software app has been designed to complete the Desktop Software "Lager Master for Windows"

"Lager Master" is often used in fashion. sports, textile sales, since this software covers all necessary aspects such as color and size management. But of course, are also suitable for other industries.

The target group for this business software are:

  • Sales Representatives
  • Agents
  • Travelers
  • Sales people
  • Service Employees

All the information about "Home PC" can be exported to the smartphone and used there. New entries on the smartphone are possible (new contacts, travel stories, info messages in history) and then again later synchronized with the office PC via a central server.

This app can of course alone (ie without access to the desktop software) can be used, but then limited. It can then NO sales or other important data is collected and used. These data are ONLY (with the stock master software), and processed on the desktop PC.

But even without the software on the desktop PC, this app is reasonably usable, especially in conjunction with Google Maps and navigation.

Your Smartphone / iPhone is thus the complete information center on business and on the road

Also possible is a graphical representation of your contacts on a Google Map (red points drawn for each contact) and a clear display of contacts in a specific zip code area.

Call at your fingertips create e-mail, homepage of the contact call, that is possible of course.